2017 BMW X7 Price And Interior

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BMW has no seven-seat crossover on the market at this point in time, and the 2017 BMW X7 will correct that. Rumors suggest that they are going to release not one but two models that will offer this feature and X7 certainly comes quite interesting to those that need larger SUV.

The first one will be the X1, which will receive a slightly longer wheelbase and seven seats, but just barely. Unlike the smaller X1, the X7 will use BMW’s modular CLAR platform which has also been used on the X5 and X6. Unlike these two, though, the X7 will be longer, it will have a longer wheelbase, and it will also be slightly taller.



Release Date

The other one will be the 2017 BMW X7, which is very likely going to be released at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show. Also, the car will go on sale later that year as a 2018 model, and it will be offered with three or more trim levels available. As the launch date approaches we expect for additional details to be available, but even at this point we still do not know everything about new luxury SUV from BMW’s lineup we can offer a decent amount of data about it.


Engine wise, the base engine of the 2017 BMW X7 is likely going to be BMW’s well-known 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six petrol engine which will offer up to 330 horsepower and more than 300 lb-ft of torque. Further up the range, a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 with around 450 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque is also going to be available. The only representative in diesel segment could be the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged unit. It is still not clear if it would be offered in two versions with different power outputs, what we can expect is to see it with 280 horsepower and the hopefully more powerful option will also come.

2017 BMW X7 Spy Photo

2017 BMW X7 Spy Photo – Source CarAndDriver

There will be no M version of the X7 at the launch; it should come about one year after official introduction. As far as we can tell, the strongest model in the lineup will also be the most luxurious. This will likely make use of a 6.0 liter twin-turbocharged V12 petrol engine which will easily offer more than 600 horsepower. All engines will come with BMW’s xDrive system and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.


Inside the cabin, the 2017 BMW X7 is likely going to be offered in two different configurations. The base version will get a very similar looking interior to the X5 but this time around it will offer two extra seats. The materials, as well as the equipment level, will be on par with those of its siblings. The differences will come in the higher end versions of the car which will get standard massage seats with heating and ventilation in the front and at the back, a larger display for its infotainment system and integrated infotainment system for the rear seats. Most likely a six seats version with individual seats that will offer the most amount of comfort while the long wheelbase of the car allows BMW to build a six seats version with a massive amount of space for the rear passengers.


As a result, BMW can offer their X7 as a family crossover with a huge boot or as a high end all road limousine. In each case, the suspension and braking systems, as well as the ride quality, will be the same which should give it a clear advantage over its cheaper competitors. Heritage that we are getting from BMW clearly deliver best possible handling and comfort in their vehicles, and this large SUV is no different so expect it to be one of the best in class.

2017 BMW X7 Price

All of these are meant to allow the car to carry up to seven people in perfect comfort which is not possible on the other two. BMW’s already well known on-road characteristics of their crossovers will most definitely be carried over to the X7 as well but this time around, due to the extra weight and the larger body, the car will receive a suspension system that will aim to bring as much comfort as possible without ruining the ride quality. The price is still unknown, but the base version will likely cost around $65,000 or little over that so it would sit about $10k above the base price of X5. A high-end luxury version of the car that will be aimed to compete against the Bentley Bentayga is likely going to cost well over $100,000 but that is still significantly lower than its competitor from Bentley that comes with a price of more than $200,000.


Currently, we have only rendered image of the 2017 BMW X7 but we are sure that it will be quite similar to the X5 model. We are delivering images of currently available X5 vehicle that will almost certainly serve as a base for designing larger X7 brother.

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Image source: CarAndDriver

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